Every Company nowadays has their own website.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:


  1. How and why do your clients need to find you so they can get your service?
  2. How easy can your client find you on crowded internet traffic?
  3. Are you willing to be easier to find?

Join us because MASEART magazine is the answer for all three questions.

Hard Printed Magazine will easily reach waiting rooms, information desks, office tables and more. MASEART Magazine is the business card for your company and website. This magazine will be eagerly awaited every 6 months by investors, first-time home owners, and real estate lovers seeking the best real estate information, ideals, real estate investment location and a way to embrace architectural designs in every sense of the word. MASEART magazine is a magazine that we describe as a business card with smart writing, beautiful photography and sophisticated design full of informAation.

MASEART magazine will be combined with a yearly Luxury fair carrying the name “ESTATE FASHION WEEK”. Estate Fashion week will bring the greatest Luxury, designers and Real estate professionals together to show dreamers how they can make their estate dream come true. The 2017 Luxury Fair title will be:


For more information about the luxury fair please check the Estate fashion week Brochure or on our website:

MASEART Magazine audiences are Dutch, Dutch Caribbean, Caribbean, Belgium, German, Luxemburg, Latin America, US, UK and also worldwide online. MASEART Magazine is a magazine for global men and women readers between 25 and 50 years of age. It is a magazine that every year reaches far beyond its namesake branding.

MASEART Magazine visuals—its stunning photography, ingenious info graphics and illustrations, and a design that manages to be both fresh and familiar—are equal partners with its words. The magazine insists that it is possible to be brainy and beautiful, serious and playful and most important connected with each and everyone’s dream at the same time.

The hard printed magazine will be distributed two times a year with a planning space of 6 months and the website will be regularly updated with new information and photography. ± 10.000 minimum printed run per edition. The MASEART magazine will be also be available online for members.

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Maseart magazine & Estate Fashion Week is a Snelleweb (TEQON), Curacao producer project and partners. Snelleweb and Curacao producer are well known in web hosting,  Photo shoots and Photography, Video shoots / Music Video’s, Website Design, Mobile Applications (iOS & Android), GFX Design (Business Cards, Calendars, Logo’s, Flyers ect.), Animations, TV Commercials and even Sound and Audio Production. Visual Producer, Drone Enthusiast, GFX Designer, Music and advertisement spots Producer and Sound/Audio Engineer living in Curaçao.

Hereby some of our referential projects:

                    Every edition we will work with a main subject. In our editions we want to work              with a couple of firm articles and a couple of “freelance” articles. The firm articles will provide consistency in our Magazine.


Edition 1-          October         2017        First Edition Estate Fashion Week


Edition 2-          April              2018         Will be announce in the near edition and online for members


Edition 3-          October        2018         Second Edition Estate Fashion Week


Edition 4-         April             2019           Will be announce in the near edition and online for members


Edition 5-           October       2019         Third   Edition Estate Fashion Week

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