Luxury is smart

Royal partners

Royal partners are an important part of our events and luxury projects, putting in mind that they play a crucial role in provision of financial and facilities support in return for their names to be part of one of the Caribbean finest Extate and luxyry fairs.

We are proud and greatful to have such great supporters.


Maseart is where amazing estates art come to life.

Since  17th century is Curacao the heart of the Caribbean Economy led by the Dutch Kingdom. The fine natural harbour and several bays have attract several businessman to the island. Curacao was home of oldest active Jewish congregation in the Americas and a valuable start for the Jewish development. Curacao was also a key role in supporting early Jewish congregations in New Amsterdam today known as New York.

Even with an undesirable slavery history, the Curacao citizens found their way to find a place and mix between all races and colors. Now in days Curacao Bays have become the Caribbean location for Luxury residential estates, hotels and resorts. And the plantation Mansions have become Luxury monumental residential homes and commercial offices, Shops and Museums. In the early days Willemstad Curacao architecture was not only influenced by the Dutch colonial architecture but also by the tropical climate and architectural styles from towns throughout the Caribbean region.


Be part of the Curacao Economy, culture, food, Blue Oceans, developments, estates and Luxury. Curacao history have shown us how beautiful and life given Luxury is on a sunny green island. We of Maseart truly believe that Luxury is not expensive,

Luxury is smart.



  Luxury is smart.


Luxury is not expensive Luxury is smart. That’s why we will bring the best designers and Real estate professionals together to show dreamers how you can make your estate dream come trough. We will bring the glamour of the real estate world under one roof full of light, life and Art.